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New TLC meter from Solinst

May 11, 2012  By administrator

tlcmeterwebMay 11, 2012 – Solinst Canada Ltd. has launched their newly redesigned
Model 107 TLC Meter. The TLC Meter features the recently developed
Solinst laser-marked PVDF flat tape, allowing the new TLC to be supplied
in lengths up to 1000 feet (300 metres).

The new Solinst flat tape is made of extremely durable PVDF with accurate laser markings every 1/100 feet, or each millimetre. The tape features increased abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and electrical efficiency with the use of six strands of copper-coated steel and 13 strands of stainless steel in each conductor. The enhanced dog-bone shape reduces adherence to well casing.

The TLC Meter provides accurate, stable conductivity and corresponding temperature measurements, displayed on a convenient rotating LCD display for easy viewing. The three-quarter-inch (19 millimetre) diameter probe measures conductivity that has been standardized to 25 C. Conductivity measurements are read from 0-80,000 µS/cm with readings giving accuracy of 5 per cent of reading or 100 µS (which ever is greater).


The TLC meter is ideal for saltwater intrusion investigations, tracer tests, road salt studies, and a general indication of contamination levels, which can provide early warnings of changes in water quality.

Click here for more information about the new Model 107 TLC Meter.

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