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Ontario government report on drinking water tackles water topics

December 22, 2016  By Ground Water Canada

Toronto – Ontario’s drinking water performance and improvements to drinking water for First Nations are among topics tackled by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in its annual drinking water report.

The report is an overview of the government’s programs, policies and initiatives to protect drinking water, containing information on:

  • Ontario’s drinking water systems’ performance
  • working to protect the Great Lakes
  • improving drinking water for First Nations
  • the second progress report on implementing the Water Opportunities Act

This report covers the wide range of actions being taken with many partners to protect drinking water and its sources while addressing the impacts of climate change, environment minister Glen Murray said in a news release. Topics include the following:


Climate change – The newest provincial legislation and Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan, how Ontario monitors water and the relationship to climate change.

First Nations – How Ontario is collaborating in an atmosphere of reconciliation and respect, working with First Nation communities and the federal government to help improve drinking water on reserves, with a focus on remote communities.

The Great Lakes – Provincial, national and international efforts to restore, protect and conserve these lakes, including the release of the first progress report on Ontario’s Great Lakes Strategy.

Water Opportunities Act – Includes the second progress report on implementing the act and Ontario’s actions to encourage efficient water use and innovative water management and to strengthen municipal infrastructure planning.

Source protection – How Ontario is leading the call to protect drinking water sources through community developed policy and innovative tools.

Ontario’s drinking water – An overview of Ontario’s drinking water quality and the ministry’s activities that help ensure safe drinking water for the people of Ontario.

Emerging issues – The next stages in Ontario’s water protection and the science used to address these issues, including new information on microplastics.

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