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PressLine Sponsored by SABIC posted on December 11, 2019


SABIC today announced the launch of NORYL™ WM330G resin, the latest addition to its portfolio of high-performance thermoplastics for water management applications. The new product is the first in a family of materials featuring proprietary impact-resistant technology for improved fluctuating pressure performance compared to legacy materials. The 30 percent glass-reinforced polyphenylene ether (PPE)-based grade also delivers excellent value through system costeffectiveness and compliance with relevant global drinking water regulations.

“As global water regulations become increasingly strict and application requirements expand, SABIC is helping the water management industry stay ahead of changes in the market, especially with regards to ongoing compliance, performance and sustainability challenges,” said William Wan, global business director, NORYL Resins, SABIC’s Specialties business. “To do this, we are investing in the development of new materials such as this enhanced grade of NORYL resin to give our customers a greater selection of high-performing thermoplastic technologies that address some of their most demanding application requirements. We also guide and support customers throughout design, part performance simulation and testing, tooling and processing to help ensure they achieve the best results from whichever NORYL water management grade they choose.”

NORYL WM330G resin benefits customers by delivering higher burst pressure, fluctuating pressure and creep rupture performance to meet more-aggressive qualification testing, while opening new opportunities in emerging applications such as ultrasonic water meters and instant water heaters. The new NORYL resin also enables robust injection molding with minimal effects on mechanical properties, giving customers greater processing latitude. Further, NORYL WM330G resin can help control costs compared to other high-performance glass-filled materials thanks to its lower specific gravity, which may yield more parts per unit of weight.

Long-term Fatigue Resistance NORYL WM330G resin is an excellent candidate for a range of water management applications, especially those exposed to internal fluctuating pressure, such as housings for volumetric water meters, ultrasonic water meters and pump housings, as well as control valves and hydro blocks. SABIC’s water hammer testing protocol has determined that NORYL WM330G resin can deliver up to a two-fold (2X) improvement in fluctuating pressure performance compared to legacy grades. The improvements customers can achieve depend on part and tool design, testing protocol and material processing.

Wider Processing Window NORYL WM330G resin can increase a part’s burst strength, especially when used in complex designs that prevent optimal cooling during processing. These hot spots can lead to vulnerabilities in the finished part; however, the new SABIC material helps to address this challenge and gives designers greater freedom to create more-intricate geometries.

“In addition to improved fatigue resistance, our internal testing has demonstrated that the new NORYL WM330G resin provides a wider processing window, which makes the material a candidate for more-complex part designs where the hot-spot phenomenon could create a long-term performance issue,” said Iassen Popov, segment leader, NORYL Global Water Management, SABIC’s Specialties business.

Global Drinking Water Certifications The new NORYL grade, available globally, is being produced at the company’s facility in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. It complies with the NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Germany’s KTW/W270 certification, France’s Attestation De Conformité Sanitaire (ACS) and the United Kingdom’s Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), which addresses certification for cold, warm and hot water applications.

SABIC’s NORYL resin portfolio offers the water management industry a wide variety of solutions to meet specific application requirements. With best-in-class hydrolytic stability and excellent high heat resistance, these materials are engineered to perform in both hot- and cold-water handling applications. This technology delivers excellent dimensional stability, low mold shrinkage, low water absorption and excellent creep resistance. With one of the lowest specific gravities of all engineering thermoplastics in its class, NORYL resin provides designers with opportunities to create lighter, more cost-efficient parts. Furthermore, the structural performance of NORYL resin can assist with easy part consolidation and assembly.

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