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QED’s AutoPump AP4 High Temperature Ultra Pump can take the heat

February 27, 2020  By Ground Water Canada

QED Environmental Systems’ new high-performance pump for landfill and remediation pumping applications can withstand temperatures up to 121 C (250 F).

The AutoPump AP4 High Temperature Ultra Pump has been proven to withstand temperatures up to 121 C (250 F) and increase run time between cleanings, the company said in a press release.


The design of the low-maintenance AP4 Ultra pump includes specialized materials to deliver pumping performance in high-temperature landfill leachate and condensate risers and ground water remediation wells.

Proprietary non-stick finishes and electropolished surfaces in the new AP4 High Temperature Ultra pump reduce solids buildup, increasing the runtime interval and making it much faster and easier to clean. Operators often need only spray the pump with water and lightly wipe it clean. As a result, users experience longer run times, reduced maintenance costs, increased safety of service personnel and a boost in project productivity.

All non-magnetic metallic parts of the AP4 Ultra pump are 316-grade stainless steel with engineered polymers to resist corrosion and attacks by harsh leachates, free-phase and dissolved fuels, BTEX and MTBE. QED Environmental Systems Inc. also offers a large selection of pump tubing and accessories rated for high-temperature applications to ensure consistent performance of the entire pump system.

The AP4 Ultra pump is available in several different configurations to best meet the needs of the individual application. To estimate savings and predict the payback period for switching from conventional pumps to a new AP4 Ultra pump system, QED has created an online Pump Maintenance Cost Comparison Calculator.

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