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Sonic Drill Corporation’s sonic drill rigs

September 1, 2011  By Administrator

2011_sonic_390_model_drill_rigSeptember 1, 2011, Surrey, B.C. – Sonic Drill Corporation’s sonic drill rigs are designed to be robust, reliable and profitable when used in drilling projects around the world.

To help illustrate the advantages of sonic drilling, the Sonic Drill Corporation prepared the following examples of real-life projects that showcase the technology’s capabilities in the drilling industry:

Community college extension:
A sonic drill was brought in as the “rescue rig” for a geothermal installation at Vancouver’s Langara community college.

 Conventional Rig
 Sonic Drill Rig
 Three rigs on site One rig on site
 Two months drilling Two weeks drilling
 18 holes installed 23 holes installed
 10 days per hole One to two holes per day

University extension:
A conventional drill failed at drilling a test hole for a geothermal feasibility study at the University of British Columbia. A sonic rig was brought in and completed the hole in two hours and 13 minutes, despite drilling through tough overburden conditions.

Conventional Rig
Sonic Drill Rig
 Failed One rig on site
   300 ft. hole
   Two hours +

Elementary school construction:
conventional rigs working on an extensive geothermal field, under a new elementary school soccer field, failed due to delays in drilling through overburden. The sonic rig was able to complete the project on time.

Conventional Rig
Sonic Drill Rig
 Too slow Two rigs on site
   120 holes
   Six times faster

Sonic's drill rigs can be used in geothermal, environmental and mining applications.

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