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SubDrive QuickPAKS combine efficiency with reliability

December 20, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

Franklin Electric’s new SubDrive QuickPAK solutions for water system installers are ideal for those looking to deliver reliable constant water pressure while maximizing efficiency. The newest SubDrive QuickPAKs are powered by a four-inch MagForce high-efficiency motor for top performance in jobs up to five horsepower. These offerings feature a Franklin Electric motor, pump and drive all-in-one package for the ultimate in operational compatibility and optimized operation. They are ideal for residential water systems, irrigation, constant pressure boosting or geothermal systems.

“With these new QuickPAKs, users can upgrade their systems with groundbreaking performance and get up to 17 per cent more efficiency,” Terry Smith, Franklin Electric senior product manager, residential electronics & controls, said.

The latest SubDrive QuickPAKs are powered by MagForce high-efficiency motors that deliver high power per volume among four-inch submersible motors, enabling these packages to run on the least amount of electricity at any given operational point.


The total assembly itself is more compact and lighter than systems powered by traditional submersible motors. In fact, a five-horsepower motor is seven inches shorter and 18 pounds lighter than a standard induction motor. That aids groundwater professionals with ease of transport and installation.

“The benefits multiply when you consider these savings across multiple job sites,” Smith said. “Plus, running on a lower current means that specific components of the system, such as motor cables, might result in smaller size requirements and, consequently, enable more cost-effective installations. By introducing advancements in power density, we have released a smaller, lighter, and more powerful motor design.”

In addition to improved efficiency, the packages have been designed for easy selection. The predetermined motor, pump and drive combination choices match a variety of flow and total dynamic head requirements, ranging from seven to 90 GPM. When it’s time to install, the SubDrive platform uses an array of easy setup and assisted troubleshooting solutions to help save time and reduce service hours. This includes a new and enhanced experience using FE Connect for smart devices.

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