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Compact conductivity datalogger is corrosion-resistant

May 18, 2017  By Administrator

Solinst Canada’s new LTC Levelogger Edge is a compact, sealed instrument designed to provide reliable datalogging of water level, temperature and conductivity measurements.

The LTC Levelogger Edge is 7/8-inch by 7.5 inches and has a number of enhanced features, including an eight-year battery life, memory for 27,000 sets of readings and six pressure ranges, Solinst Canada said in a news release. It also features a titanium ceramic PVD corrosion resistant coating.

The four-electrode platinum conductivity sensor has a wide calibrated conductivity range, with autoranging from 0 to 100,000 µS/cm. For highest accuracy, calibration is from 50 to 80,000 µS/cm.


The conductivity datalogger is compatible with Solinst accessories including the DataGrabber data transfer device and Solinst Levelogger App and Interface. It can also be used with the company’s LevelSender telemetry system for remote wireless monitoring.

The LTC Levelogger Edge is ideal for monitoring salinity and saltwater intrusion; monitoring road salt, agricultural and stormwater runoff; performing tracer tests; and providing a general indication of water quality, the company said.

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