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Davis UHB’s lightweight Universal Hydrant Boot puts safety first

June 26, 2018  By Ground Water Canada

Ability Pump & Equipment of Calgary is the first Canadian supplier of the Universal Hydrant Boot, manufactured by Davis UHB. The Boot is designed to be installed on the bottom of a yard hydrant, eliminating the need to use gravel to install a yard hydrant.

“This is very handy, as with it, you can basically not install a yard hydrant wrong,” said Brian Reierson of Ability Pump in an email. “Also, the big safety feature of it is that you can do everything above ground. There is no longer a need to get down in the 10-foot deep trench to install the hydrant and risk a collapse.”

The Universal Hydrant Boot (UHB) allows free drainage without contamination. It will allow the water to drain away from the pipe and leach naturally, thus preventing premature and costly replacement. The leaching ability is equivalent to approximately 9 sq. ft. of washed gravel that is 6” deep. The UHB is made for many different soil types and various conditions, said a press release.


New installation no longer requires a person to be in the trench preventing and eliminating the risk of injury or death, should the trench walls fail. The installation is no longer time consuming or labour intensive and, most importantly, no longer a safety hazard.

The UHB will fit all standard size hydrants. It is attached to the hydrant bottom to protect the valve from all sediment and allow the hydrant to drain quickly and efficiently. This simple and patented two-piece device can be installed after the waterline is secured to the fitting.

The operation – quick and safe assembly above ground, followed by lowering into the trench and backfilling without gravel – drastically reduces the time in the trench when replacing old hydrants.

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