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Composite buffer tank lightweight, rust-free

January 9, 2019  By Ground Water Canada

Flexcon Industries had its CIPHEx award-winning Argosy pressurized composite buffer tank suitable for both geothermal and hydronic systems.

More lightweight than steel tanks, it won’t rust and works well for hot or chilled potable and non-potable water.

It improves system efficiency by reducing heat pump short cycling during low load periods, making it very cost-effective.


Features include a threaded stainless steel water connection to make fast and efficient leak-free installations. Reinforced durable, continuous strand fibreglass inner tank is strong, lightweight and doesn’t rust out.

High R value, injected closed cell foam creates a well-insulated thermal blanket that surrounds the tank, minimizing temperature loss and maximizing efficiency.

It has a durable matte black plastic outer jacket that effectively hides unsightly dirt.

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