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TDH range of powerful pump hoists

January 9, 2019  By Ground Water Canada

TDH Manufacturing’s pump hoists got some attention at Groundwater Week. The company, of Fort Worth, Texas, had several of its pump hoists on display at the annual trade show in Las Vegas.

The 4X3, mounted on a Ford F-550, works well on a variety of jobs and will pull a 12,000 lb. pump with a triple line, a company representative said. A 40 lb. tall extendable mast has 38 ft. of true hook height, dual 21 ft. hydraulic pipe racks, dual 3 in. bore and 2 in. road mast cylinders. The mast extension cylinder is a 3 in. bore and 2 in. rod that extends 10 ft.

Other models on display included the 7X3 on an F-550, which is designed to pull 7,000 lb. (single line), 14,000 lb. (double line) or 21,000 lb. (triple line).


The 9X3 will pull 9,000 lb. (single line), 18,000 lb. (double line) or 27,000 lb. (triple line).

The 24X3, mounted on a Kenworth T370, can pull 24,000 (single line), 48,000 lb. (double line) or 72,000 lb. (triple line).

The 35X4 on a T880 will pull 35,000 lb. (single line), 70,000 lb. (double line), 105,000 lb. (triple line) or 140,000 lb. (quadruple line).

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