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Mini spectrophotometer probe ideal for unmanned stations

May 3, 2017  By Administrator

Aquatic Life’s i::scan is a new miniature multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe suitable for both simple, cost-sensitive applications and more complex water grids in small, unmanned plants or buildings.

The i::scan combines the versatility of a spectrophotometer probe with the cost of a simple photometer, the company said in a press release.

Its low power consumption means the i::scan can easily be powered by solar panels and used in unmanned stations. Because the UV-Vis spectrometry it uses is an optical technique, no chemicals or other consumables are needed, making this technology simple, robust, and low-maintenance.


The compact design allows the insertion of the probe directly into pressurized water pipes, making the i::scan, combined with the s::can in-pipe solutions, ideal for smart water grids. The in-pipe monitoring equipment is easy to use and operate, the company said, and it can be installed in only 30 minutes in any pipeline without interruption of service. The optical technology used provides very accurate measurements and it is extremely reliable and stable over time.

Because the products are very sensitive and can detect contamination in real time, they are especially suitable for control systems and allow for a quick response.

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