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Solinst levelogger edge

November 30, 2011  By Administrator

3001edgeNovember 30, 2011 – Solinst's Levelogger Edge is a precision instrument designed to provide reliable datalogging of water level and temperature measurements.

The Levelogger Edge consists of the pressure sensor, temperature thermistor, datalogger and 10-year lithium battery in a factory-sealed housing, with a titanium based PVD coating for extra protection in corrosive or marine environments. It uses a Hastelloy pressure sensor to performl in high stress environments with excellent temperature compensation and response time, providing an overall accuracy of 0.05 per cent FS with 24 bit resolution. The internal FRAM memory can hold up to 120,000 water level and temperature data points, using a new linear sampling mode compression algorithm.

The Solinst Levelogger Edge offers consultants, researchers and water professionals a compact method of recording data in remote locations without requiring ongoing maintenance. Optical infrared communication makes installation easy using the new 2-inch locking well caps for direct read cable or wireline/rope deployment.


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