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Submersible turbine pumps flexible, customizable

July 26, 2017  By Administrator

Goulds Water Technology’s line of submersible turbine pumps features hydraulic coverage that delivers the pump head and capacity a system requires, while maximizing efficiency and extending pump life.

The company’s submersible turbine models feature a pump design that may be easily configured as a multistage assembly to provide flexibility in initial pump selection and future system modifications. They contain abrasion-resistant, thick-wall, cast-iron bowls and 316SS investment cast stainless-steel impellers to ensure a wide range of hydraulic coverage and durability.

The turbine models can be customized based on the pump’s application and the pump units are available in a wide range of metallurgies to meet the needs of different environments.


All models are NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified to comply with safe potable water regulations. When bundled with a motor and a drive up to 450 horsepower, the pumps are eligible for a three-year product warranty.

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