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Water and wastewater issues top of mind for Lethbridge, Alta. as 2024 begins

Conservation a high priority as lack of mountain snowpack lingers

January 3, 2024  By Ground Water Canada

Lethbridge, Alta. – Water and wastewater issues are at the top of the list of the city’s priorities for the next couple of years, Mayor Blaine Hyggens says.

In an interview with the CBC, he said Lethbridge realized water savings last year through voluntary rationing, but added more must be done, including the possibility of mandated rationing on specific days.

Hyggen said the lack of snowpack in the mountains is a concern.


One possible strategy that has seen success in Australia is the capturing of rainwater to minimize what is pulled from rivers. Xeriscaping of lawns so that they don’t require water is another possible strategy.

The mayor said adopting such strategies could be a hard sell, but added the alternative is being without water.

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