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IDA conference raises $120k for water-poor Madagascarians

August 9, 2011  By Administrator

August 9, 2011, Topsfield, MA – The International Desalination Association's (IDA) landmark Desalination Industry Action for Good conference raised $120,000 to help alleviate water shortages for residents of Anikililoaka, Madagascar.

IDA's contribution of $60,000 to this humanitarian project was matched by Rotary International, which supported the conference. Held recently in Portofino, Italy, this event was the first dedicated solely to the topic of desalination and social responsibility.

Anikililoaka is home to 100,000 people, approximately half of whom are children. Currently, these people have access to only one well for every 1,800 inhabitants. Many of these wells are dug by hand. With the funds donated by IDA and Rotary, at least 20 new wells will be dug over the next two ears. In addition, the project will reactivate existing wells that are no longer operational. This will significantly improve residents' access to drinking water in the area by providing one well for every 500 inhabitants.


"Inspiration turned into action when Rotary International approached IDA to help raise funds for the Ankililoaka water project through this conference. All of us at IDA are pleased to lend our support to this important project. It is our fervent hope that this conference will help create a wave of action that benefits humanity in all corners of the globe," said Dr. Corrado Sommariva, co-chairman of the conference.

Sessions during the conference focused on the topic of water as a basic human need and examined technological advances and operational strategies to provide water at more affordable and sustainable prices. A separate session explored how the desalination industry can respond quickly during crises, including rapid deployment of desalination resources in the event of natural disasters and other humanitarian crises around the world. As a result of these discussions, IDA has formed a humanitarian outreach committee.

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