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Canada second among OECD countries with most significant water resources per capita

U.S. withdraws most fresh water among OECD countries

December 19, 2023  By Ground Water Canada

Canada ranks second in the world among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries with the most significant amount of water resources per capita.

The data is based on a study by Utility Bidder which has analyzed the countries with the most significant renewable water resources.

Canada’s amount of water withdrawal per capita, measured in cubic metres, is 76,890. Only Iceland ranks above Canada, with a whopping 498,179 cubic metres of water withdrawal per capita.


Also listed within the top 10 – ranging from 15,330 cubic metres to 72,493 cubic metres – are Norway, New Zealand, Chile, Finland, Australia, Latvia, Sweden and Slovenia.

Despite having a population of less than 400,000 people, Iceland has more renewable water than any other country. Canada is home to about seven per cent of all renewable water resources, from lakes, groundwater and rivers. Additionally, snowfall converted to fresh water contributes to the amount.

According to the study, Chile has the largest water withdrawal of any other country, with the United States and New Zealand ranking second and third, respectively. The study also notes the United States withdraws more fresh water than any other OECD country.

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