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Ontario Green Party leader says Doug Ford is putting Ontario’s drinking water in jeopardy

Greens have 3-element water protection plan

May 19, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

Wellington-Halton Hills – Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner says Premier Doug Ford has a reckless environmental agenda that puts clean drinking water in jeopardy.

Schreiner was in the area for a campaign stop prior to the June 2 provincial election.

“Doug Ford wants to pave over your children’s future,” he said, alluding to the premier’s wish to build new highways in the Ontario Greenbelt.


“Ontario Greens will build a livable future for you and your children,” Schreiner said. “A future with clean air to breathe, and clean water to drink.”

The Green Party has noted three elements of its water protection plan:

  1. Implement an immediate moratorium on all new and expanded gravel mining permits to protect water
  2. Double the size of the Greenbelt to include a Bluebelt of protected waterways
  3. Set required minimum use of recycled aggregates in infrastructure projects as well as providing research and education funding to ensure that all reclaimed concrete material can be re-engineered and re-used as effectively as possible, to reduce the need for new gravel mines that pollute water

“Nothing is more important than protecting the long-term supply of our drinking water, and yet Ontario’s weak aggregate and water-taking rules continue to put private profits first,” Schreiner said.

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