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Algae in river water contributing to change in taste, smell of Pointe-Claire drinking water

Municipality says there is no health hazard connected to the matter

July 21, 2023  By Ground Water Canada

Pointe-Claire, Que. – The presence of river algae has resulted in a noticeable change in the taste and smell of the city’s drinking water.

The city has noted that algae growth is at its peak when water temperatures are at their highest, and chlorine levels tend to be slightly higher than normal.

The municipality has stated: “As the City of Montreal’s Pointe-Claire drinking water production plant treats water to remove algae from drinking water, it’s normal to smell chlorine in your tap water. An earthy taste may persist while the circulating water is renewed.”


Pointe-Claire also notes that the situation does not represent a health hazard, and that the taste and smell of drinking water can be reduced by filling jugs of water and placing them in a refrigerator.

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