Calgary – A consultancy to the energy, metals and mining industries estimates that 100 companies spread throughout North America are engaged in the competitive water treatment and disposal business in the oil and gas sector. Alberta Oil reports. | READ MORE
Toronto – Voluntary measures to protect the Great Lakes from farm manure have proven insufficient and governments should now turn their minds to legislation, a binational report released Wednesday concludes. Toronto Metro reports. | READ MORE
Beijing, China – Anthropogenic ground water exploitation changes soil moisture and land-atmosphere water and energy fluxes, and essentially affects the ecohydrological processes and the climate system, according to a new study.
Barrie, Ont. – Efforts by Barrie, Ont., to reduce energy consumption in 2016 appear to be paying off, says the City, which reports saving $55,000 per year after placing variable frequency drive controls on six ground water well motors. The Barrie Advance reports. | READ MORE
Westerville, OH – "Does fracking contaminate ground water?" This is a critical question surrounding the development of oil and gas using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, says NGWA director of science and technology William Alley in an opinion piece for the Grand Forks Herald. | READ MORE
Albany, NY – Demand for water quality sensors is rising, due to water-quality concerns brought on by rapid urbanization, increasing population and ground water pollution, says a report from Transparent Market Research.
Galway, Ireland – “Elevated” levels of naturally occurring arsenic have been detected in a small number of ground water sources for drinking water in Ireland, according to a new study. The Irish Times reports. | READ MORE
Australia – The results of a new study out of Australia suggest the injection of large volumes of highly treated coal seam gas product water will cause no foreseeable adverse impacts on ground water quality with the exception of the potential movement of arsenic.
New York – The environmental remediation market is expected to reach $123.13 billion US by 2022 at a CAGR of 7.62 per cent between 2016 and 2022, according to an analysis by Reportlinker.
Ann Arbor, MI – Lake Erie researchers working to fight harmful algal blooms now have a new tool to safeguard drinking water. The advanced sampler has been called a “lab in a can” for its ability to sample microcystins, the most common algal toxin these days, in almost real time. Environmental Monitor reports. | READ MORE
Okotoks, Alta. – Okotoks is renewing its call for government funding to help build a new 16-kilometre pipeline to transport drinking water from Calgary, as the town's mayor says a future water shortage could turn the taps off on construction growth. CBC News reports. | READ MORE
Africa – An organization called Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poor has worked with partners in Africa to create an accessible online atlas of the continent's hydrogeology that gets information to those who need it most. The British Geological Survey reports. | READ MORE


Check out the drilling section in our Buyers Guide

San Francisco, CA – GE said it was working with Maersk Drilling on a pilot program that uses advanced algorithms and sensor data to potentially increase productivity as well as cut maintenance costs of marine drilling. UPI reports. | READ MORE
Canada – Drilling activity should increase slightly next year but will fall well short of pre-recession levels in 2014, suggests a new forecast for the oil and gas industry. The Calgary Herald reports. | READ MORE
Canada – Drilling activity should increase slightly next year but will fall well short of pre-recession levels in 2014, suggests a new forecast for the oil and gas industry. The Calgary Herald reports. | READ MORE
Christiansburg, VA — Well drillers put historic machines on display and practices under the microscope as part of the Virginia Water Well Association’s annual Fall Field Day. The Roanoke Times reports. | READ MORE
Sudbury, Ont. – Boart Longyear will set up a surface and underground diamond drilling technology development office in Sudbury, Ont.
Rainham Centre, Ont. – The Canadian Drilling Rig Museum celebrated its 20th anniversary with a weekend-long open house that not even heavy rain on Saturday could dampen.
Alberta – Five years after Alberta raised a record-setting $3.5 billion at auctions of provincially owned oil and gas drilling rights, sales are on pace this year to set a historic low – part of a downward trend seen across Western Canada. CBC News reports. | READ MORE
Vancouver – An executive at a leading geothermal company active in B.C., Alberta and Washington state says industry drillers strike aquifers every day, but that’s not a big deal – unless one fatal error is made. The Vancouver Sun reports. | READ MORE
In today’s world where computers reign supreme and office jobs are the norm, earning a living in the physically demanding industry of water well drilling is not a popular choice among young people entering the workforce.
Netherlands – The Well Academy and Lloyd’s Register Energy’s Drilling Training Academy have launched an IWCF-certified drilling well-control training course.
Calgary – The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors forecast for 2016 reflects the dramatic downturn deeply impacting the oil and gas services industry and projects a decrease of 58 per cent from 2014 in the number of wells drilled.
Fort St. John and Fort Nelson, B.C. – Fracking triggered a 4.4-magnitude earthquake in northeastern B.C. last year, making it one of world's largest earthquakes ever triggered by the controversial process. CBC News reports. | READ MORE


Check out the geothermal section in our Buyers Guide

Washington, DC – The U.S. Department of Energy and its Geothermal Technology Office have shared details about new drilling technology funded under its programs that could help equipment withstanding higher temperatures in geothermal projects. Think GeoEnergy reports. | READ MORE
Vancouver – B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office has issued two new enforcement orders for Site C, an 1,100-megawatt hydroelectric project under construction on the Peace River. The Globe and Mail reports. | READ MORE
Menlo Park, CA – An experimental study of the role of subsurface plumbing on geothermal discharge has been published by the American Geophysical Union.
Ocean View, DE – The global geothermal heat pump market is anticipated to exceed $130 billion US by 2023, growing at over 13 per cent compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2023, says a report from U.S. researcher Global Market Insights.
Saskatchewan – In February, Saskatoon-based Deep Earth Energy Production (DEEP) will start drilling as part of an $8-million feasibility and front-end engineering design study into what would be Canada’s first commercial geothermal power project. Alberta Oil reports. | READ MORE
Leduc, Alta. – Disused oil and gas wells dotting Canada’s energy heartland may bear fruit for Alberta’s farmers under a proposal to use waste heat from the idle facilities to allow crops to grow, even in the country’s harsh winter conditions. The Financial Post reports. | READ MORE
Peace River, Alta. – BC Hydro and a First Nation in Northwest Alberta have reached an agreement on the Site C dam, which Dene Tha' members said would have major impacts on treaty rights to hunt, fish and engage in traditional land use. The Dawson Creek Mirror reports. | READ MORE
Troy, MI – After having designed so many systems for others, a handful of U.S. HVAC equipment contractors share which systems they would install in their own homes if money were no object. The News reports. | READ MORE
Edmonton – Geothermal-generated electricity could be a piece of the answer to how Alberta can move away from coal-fired electric power in time for the NDP's 2030 deadline. CBC News reports. | READ MORE
Jinan, China – New analytical solutions proposed by a joint study out of China may provide good tools for the simulation and design of horizontal geothermal heat exchangers with vertical spiral coils. Science Direct reports. | READ MORE
Reykjavik, Iceland – Getting geothermal projects up and running in Canada “has been harder than it needs to be,” according to Alison Thompson, founder and president of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association. DeSmog Canada reports. | READ MORE
Calgary – Following the slowdown of oil and gas, an engineer and owner of a geo-exchange design and installation company believes Alberta homeowners are ready to adopt the technology in greater numbers. The Globe and Mail reports. | READ MORE
Las Vegas, NV – If you've missed him on the circuit, now is your chance to hear Peter S. Cartwright discuss water quality and emerging contaminants. Cartwright, an authority in this field, delivered his farewell lecture of the 2016 McEllhiney Lecture Series during Groundwater Week in December.
Edmonton – Researchers are counting on a monitoring system created by a University of Alberta professor to keep ice core samples that could reveal thousands of years of climate information from turning into a worthless puddle. The Edmonton Journal reports. | READ MORE
California – Some farmers in California are taking advantage of recent heavy rainfall to flood their fields and let water seep into the ground all the way to the aquifer. NPR reports. | READ MORE
Edmonton – Alberta Environment and Parks is reminding water well service people, property owners and the public that well pits increase the risk of contamination to the water source and are a safety hazard for anyone who enters to service or repair the well.
Calgary – The landmark 1979 textbook Groundwater by Allan Freeze and John Cherry is now available as a free download by Hydrogeologists Without Borders.
What is the state of ground water in Canada today? Leading ground water scientist Alfonso Rivera helps us kick off 2017 by laying out what we know and what we don't know about ground water in this country, and by identifying key issues to help us map out the road ahead to responsible water stewardship.
Kelowna, B.C. – A UBC research team has investigated the potential reuse of municipal wastewater in urban applications, provided that people don’t drink or cook with it.
Fayetteville, AR – A new study out of the University of Arkansas suggests improvements in remote monitoring technology may allow farmers to apply water to their crops more efficiently and conserve ground water.
When buying a home in the country, water should be one of the most critical considerations. Buyers will often trust the seller or realtor when a water sample is submitted to the local health unit. In some cases, the buyer will simply receive the test results through their lawyer. The goal of this column is to raise awareness that tampering with a water sample may occur and there is potential for illness.
Scientific studies and literature from various manufacturers provide numerous discussions and procedures for installing screened wells over unconsolidated sands and gravels. These calculations usually are concerned with preventing the migration of fine sediments in the water during pumping.
Iqaluit, Nunavut – A new University of Laval study uses numerical simulations of ground water flow and heat transport to provide insight into the interaction between shallow ground water flow and thermal dynamics related to permafrost thaw and thaw settlement at the Iqaluit Airport taxiway in Nunavut.
Toronto – A delegation from Ontario recently visited Southern California to showcase Canadian companies working in the water field and to continue collaboration with like-minded researchers in the United States. Water Deeply reports. | READ MORE
The Optibar LC 1010 submersible level probe from Krohne provides simple and continuous hydrostatic level measurement for water wells, rainwater retaining and overflow basins, and tanks.
Flomatic Corporation has introduced its new 1” & 1 ¼” Model 80DI VFD, a special patented submersible pump check valve for use with variable-frequency drive control submersible pumps.
Net Irrigate recently launched the xProxy Vibe. It is the first completely wireless monitoring device that saves users time and money by alerting them to system failures, the company said in a press release.
Heron Instruments has added to its dipper family the dipper-Tough, a rugged and high-quality instrument used for measuring static and falling head levels in waste disposal and remediation sites and other harsh environments.
Salt Lake City, UT – Drilling services and equipment provider Boart Longyear will showcase its LS 250 MiniSonic, a compact sonic rig that provides an overall safer working environment during 2016 Groundwater Week in Las Vegas, NV, Dec. 7-8.
Solinst Canada has launched its LevelSender telemetry system as a simple and inexpensive means to collect water level data from remote Leveloggers.
Flomatic Corporation has brought out new Model 54-4MJ Flo-E-Centric plug valves with mechanical joint connections.
In-Situ Inc.’s new Water Level Meter 100 and 200 include static and drawdown modes that allow users to switch from static level readings to drawdown mode for low-flow and pump tests.
Little Beaver Earth Drills and Augers recently launched its Lone Star heavy-duty geotechnical drill rig. The LST1G+HD drills to 100 feet with an optional 4.25-inch hollow-stem auger.
A new book from the American Society of Civil Engineersprovides in-depth information on current green technologies associated with sustainable water and storm water management.
Merrill Manufacturing has an alternative to installing a traditional control box and pressure switch, running wires between them and fitting all the connections in an undersized case.
Atlas Geo-Sampling has added the PowerProbe 9510 to its fleet of direct-push-technology (DPT) units.
Goring/Reading, UK – The current Council of International Association of Hydrogeologists was elected at the General Assembly in Montpellier, France, last fall, among them two Canadians.
Gord Bailey was born to teach, but he didn’t always know it. While the students observed his technique, Casey noticed Bailey’s ability to connect with students and communicate what he was doing. He encouraged Bailey to apply to join the college’s staff.
Who says installing pumps can’t look like Mission Impossible? From a young age, helicopters were a passion Mike Lamont was not ready to give up.
The National Ground Water Association’s annual expo this year expanded to become Groundwater Week, held in Las Vegas in early December. Held this year in conjunction with the Irrigation Association’s show, the conference and trade show had a rich context in water management and provided a forum for trends, products and business opportunities.
Employees have the ability to attract new customers, develop new products and services, and become your greatest salespeople. Alternatively, they can also drive away customers, negatively impact service and product quality, and totally ruin your business.
Ottawa – Statistics Canada's recently released survey date for registered trades from 2014 says that apprenticeship programs in Canada had more than 451,100 registrations.
Is it just me or does customer service seem to be a lost art in many businesses?
Drilling for ground water is more than a day-to-day business. It’s a responsibility and a chance to help sustain our environment and the human lives that depend on its health.
Being a rural Canadian can sometimes feel a bit like being a second-class citizen.
Westerville, Ohio –​ The National Ground Water Association has joined with 15 international organizations concerned with ground water sustainability as part of the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP), the NGWA said in a news release.
Toronto – As the federal, provincial and territorial governments begin planning for the roll-out of an enhanced Canada Pension Plan, the latest ADP Canada Sentiment Survey suggests retirement benefits such as pensions or a group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) can be a deciding factor in a job change.
The water well industry uses a lot of trucks to get its business done. All manner of pickups move men, women and their equipment in and out of primitive, remote job locations. At least that’s how it’s always been; till now perhaps.

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